Plantar Warts

March 3, 2012

A wart is a small growth on the skin that develops when the skin is infected by a virus. Plantar warts (verruca pedis) can develop anywhere on the foot, but typically they appear on the bottom (plantar side) of the foot.


Plantar warts are characterized by:

  • Thickened skin resembling a callus
  • Pain when the sides of the wart are squeezed
  • Tiny black dots which appear on the surface of the wart due to dried blood contained in the infected capillaries (tiny blood vessels)

Plantar warts most commonly occur in children and adolescents. Typically, the plantar wart virus is acquired in public places where people go barefoot; such as locker rooms, dance studios, and the grounds surrounding swimming pools. Plantar warts grow deep into the skin and often go unnoticed for weeks following the initial infection.

At Footcare Place Toronto, a Chiropodist would  examine the foot in order to diagnose a plantar wart. The goal would then be to completely remove the wart.  This would be accomplished by the use of topical medications, laser therapy, cryotherapy (freezing,) or surgery .

Warts are persistent. Therefore, regardless of the method of treatment, it is vital that the patient follow the Chiropodists instructions, including all home care and medications that have been prescribed.

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