About Us

Footcare Place was founded with the intent to offer a systematic, high standard of treatment for any foot or lower limb condition.

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Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Footcare Place is the place for one-stop, quality foot care, treatment. At Footcare Place, our patients’ sense of ease and comfort is our number one priority.

    • No foot or lower limb condition is too big or too small for our team of foot care professionals. From clipping a toenail to phototherapy and surgical intervention, treatment is available onsite at the clinic.
    • Footcare Place is focused on all foot conditions for patients of all ages, stages of life, and unique mobility requirements.
    • Our chiropodists have established procedures that aggressively treat the underlying causes of foot and lower extremity problems. As a result, repeat visits for, and discomfort from, ingrown toenails, corns, warts, and bunions are minimized while the relief from heel or knee pain is optimized.
    • Our professional foot care treatment plans integrate, as necessary, custom-made orthotics, orthopaedic shoes, compression stockings, and other foot care specialty products expected to deliver the desired relief.

Your first visit to Footcare Place will involve:

    1. Assessment of your source of discomfort
    2. Medical history, including a list of your medications
    3. Examination, which may include dermatological, vascular, bio-mechanical and gait testing
    4. Education on your condition to optimize clinical outcome
    5. Treatment schedule that addresses both short and long-term goals
    6. Gentle, pain-free treatment that delivers intense relief
    7. Advice and instructions regarding home care
    8. Detailed consultation letter to your family doctor or referring specialist