Flat Feet

March 3, 2012

Flat Feet Conditions

You may have noticed that your feet have arches when seated, but disappear when weight is placed on them. Inadequate bone or joint alignment accompanied by weak muscles and ligaments allow the arches to flatten. Such conditions often result in flat feet (pes planus or planovalgus). Additionally, people with rigid flat feet may experience pain due to arthritis of the joints.

The arches act as shock absorbers that help us spring forward with each step. Flat feet and fallen arches can, therefore, cause sore and tired feet and legs, especially after standing or walking all day. This problem is often hereditary and, as such, is seen in several family members.

Flat feet are one of the leading causes of back pain. Flat feet produce an inefficient walking pattern, causing pain in your lower back where your centre of gravity hovers.

At Footcare Place, treatment for different types of flat feet and fallen arches varies. A Chiropodist would examine you in order to determine what caused your flat feet and to identify a treatment plan for your associated symptoms. Custom-made orthotics, when prescribed and fitted by a Chiropodist, can be an effective treatment for flat feet and fallen arches. They would help to address symptoms in the feet, ankles, knees and back by restoring the body’s alignment through the repositioning of the arches. Custom-made shoes that offer the foot the support it lacks can also relieve the soreness caused by flat feet.

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